PH tech firm unveils ‘Hackuna’ app to combat mobile hackers

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A Filipino-owned cybersecurity firm, Cryptors Cyber Security Inc., recently launched a mobile application called “Hackuna” which enables users to fight off mobile hackers.

Alexis Lingad, CEO of Cryptors Cyber Security Inc., during the launch

Alexis Lingad, CEO and author of his own book titled “Cyber Defender: The Power of Hacking”, derived the name of the application from the famous animated movie, “The Lion King,” where the main characters were featured discussing and singing “Hakuna Matata”, an African phrase which translates to “means no worries.”

Lingad said that when users install Hackuna, which he said is the first mobile app of its kind, they will have peace in mind knowing that their mobile device is safe from threats.

The application was created with the capability to block hackers within the network from hacking any user of the application. What the application does is that it provides its users with a WiFi blocker button, which enables users to track any person that is hacking or attempting to hack their mobile device.

“Before, we have to be extra careful in connecting to free WiFi on public areas such as train stations, coffee shops, malls and government offices because these are the places where WiFi hackers mostly infiltrate their victims. But because Hackuna app is already here to protect your mobile phones against these threats, you don’t need to worry anymore,” Lingad said.

The mobile app also provides its users with “permission analyzer button? which detects other applications that give its users unreasonable permission to access the user’s private data, camera, mic, SMS, GPS, call logs, and contacts without the user being fully aware.

“There are a lot of apps that seems trusted just because we downloaded it on the Google PlayStore but there are still apps that go beyond the security of the platform. For example the Pitu app, it is a trendy app in but it has been discovered that it collects too many private data in our smartphone and invades our privacy,” Lingad said.

“A simple Flashlight app in PlayStore, meanwhile, is asking a lot of permission in your smartphone to access private data . By using Hackuna, you will be able to detect these unknown hackers and track them down. It is a truly beautiful weapon,” Lingad explained.

Lastly, the application’s Malware Buster has the ability to detect hidden ?spy apps? and the Trojans that hackers use in being able to control and hack phones remotely.

The Hackuna app already has 10,000 downloads in Google Play Store in just one month, with most subscriptions coming from the United States and the Philippines.

“Usually, a mobile security apps takes a month to have its 1,000 installments. Hackuna just did 10 times of that. In just one month after its public launch, it gained 10,000 plus downloads. There are only 1% to 5% daily active users in a security mobile apps but in Hackuna, we have 30% to 40% daily active users,” he added.

Hackuna is now available on Google Play and will soon be available on the Apple App Store for downloads.

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