Monday, April 22, 2024

IBPAP and CloudSwyft launch new online learning platform

The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has partnered with CloudSwyft Global Systems to launch the IBPAP Learning Switch portal.

The online learning site serves to provide open access to hundreds of Microsoft’s current modern workplace technology courses in eight learning tracks such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Cloud Administration, and more.

The portal allows the industry?s workforce to acquire emerging skills based on global industry trends and provide them with an opportunity to take on more expansive roles.

The IBPAP Learning Switch platform also has built-in automated environments, supplementary to the course materials, that serve as virtual playgrounds and offer course-based assessments, practical exercises, modular quizzes and hands-on lab activities anywhere and anytime.

Users also have the option to get globally-recognized certificates, issued and verified by Microsoft directly at the end of the courses, or gain a full Microsoft Professional Program Master Certificate once a full track is completed. These two features are available to IBPAP members and affiliates at a discounted price.

“Human Capital is one of the key priorities we have identified in our Roadmap 2022. It?s also one of enabling conditions that will fuel our industry’s growth trajectory for 2022. With this, IBPAP has developed several programs focused on upskilling and reskilling our workforce to ensure that they can adapt to the ongoing digital transformation. Programs such as this will aid the industry’s pivot to higher value jobs and services,? explained IBPAP president and CEO Rey Untal.

CloudSwyft provides technology learning through hands-on exercises that increase the knowledge transfer rate exponentially, as well as make technology learning accessible to everyone. It also deploys courses focusing on modern trend technology skills.

These courses are developed by Microsoft, in partnership with various universities and subject-matter experts, to ensure that the content is industry-level, up-to-date and applicable to end-user?s career needs.

With over one million Filipinos employed in the IT-BPM industry, IBPAP considers upskilling and reskilling the workforce a top priority. It aims to help local talents embrace new technologies and develop new skills to adapt to today?s digital transformation through the IBPAP Learning Switch portal.

To date, CloudSwyft deploys as much as 160-plus technology courses to cater to different levels of learners, from higher education students all the way to seasoned professionals and has helped certify more than 500 individuals in various courses in 2018.

CloudSwyft also launched learning portals for various universities and companies in Southeast Asia namely for top schools in Malaysia, Singapore as well as in the Philippines.

“Through our partnership with CloudSwyft, we hope to reach and encourage more Filipinos to take the initiative to learn and improve themselves. We have provided the necessary tools for them to succeed in the IT-BPM industry and we look forward to them taking advantage of this opportunity,” said Untal.


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