Monday, May 27, 2024

BPO rebranding aims for $59-B revenues, 2.5M jobs by 2028

In a bid to transform global perceptions and showcase the capabilities of the local Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) workforce, the IT-BPM Industry Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has partnered with ad agency BBDO-Guerrero to launch an industry-wide pride and publicity campaign under the tagline, “With the Philippines.”

At the campaign’s press launch in Bonifacio Global City on Tuesday, March 5, IBPAP president and CEO Jack Madrid underscored the need to change public misperception of the industry as “just call centers”, citing the high demand for Filipino expertise in the medical, financial, data analytics, and other sectors beyond just business process outsourcing (BPO).

“We want to portray the diverse, mature, complex set of global services that we provide every day to our customers,” Madrid said at the launch. “We’re basically known as ‘BPO’ but we’ve grown beyond that; we’re certainly not just call centers anymore.”

Moreover, the IBPAP is calling on its members to participate in the initiative, which seeks to highlight the positive impact of the IT-BPM sector on the Philippine economy.

The campaign highlights the IT-BPM sector’s diverse range of services and its role as a key collaborator with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. The IBPAP hopes that this initiative will help the association and its members hit $59 billion in revenue and create 2.5 million local jobs by 2028.

“This rebranding goes beyond a mere facelift; it’s about shifting perceptions and uncovering the vast landscape of opportunities within the IT-BPM sector. We take pride in our Filipino workforce, our most valuable asset, and aim to empower them to champion our industry,” Madrid said in a separate statement.

Meanwhile, when asked about the perceived looming threat of artificial intelligence (AI) to the industry’s jobs, IBPAP head of research and AI Doc Ligot said that current adoption trends point towards workplace scenarios where AI is used to complement and augment the capabilities of human service providers.

He added that this will entail the development of new sets of skills for future IT-BPM workers. “There are definitely opportunities there,” he said.

BBDO-Guerrero is the same creative agency behind the Department of Tourism’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign.


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