IBPAP appoints lawyer as new executive director

In this role as IBPAP’s executive director for external affairs and investor relations, lawyer Luis Enrico “Ricky” E. Salvador will be leading and directing the group’s efforts in building and strengthening relations with partners in the industry, enabling sectors, and partner associations.

Local BPO firms continue to hire despite pandemic

It is not business as usual yet in the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) space, but the sector continues to open job opportunities amid the pandemic, industry group IBPAP said.

New set of ‘Digital Cities’ from PH countryside bared

The initiative, which continues the legacy of Next Wave Cities, aims to drive inclusive growth in the countryside by selecting high-potential areas throughout the country and transforming them into bustling IT and BPO hubs within five years.

BPO sector reports $26.3-B revenues, 71,000 new workers in 2019

Currently, the sector is dealing with the global economic fallout caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Domestically speaking, this will have an impact on 2020 headcount and revenue projections and will also modify prevailing work and service models within the industry.

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