Batangas-based startup sees huge revenues with 3D printing products

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Filipino technology firm Kezar Innovations is eyeing annual revenues of at least P15 million as momentum increases after the unveiling of four startups and reaching break-even less than a year after its April 2018 launching.

Kezar Innovations CEO and co-founder Edward Solicito

With offices in Batangas and Singapore, Kezar has the following startups under its belt: 3D printing services firm Kezar3D, educational toy company StudyPlay, mobile platform for sustainable tourism Trakaro: Sustainable Travels, and mobile applications developer Kezar Atlas.

Kezar3D, which boasts of unique customized 3D-printed products dubbed 3DMemory, achieved 120% return on investments in only seven months. Kezar Innovations aims to follow this up by going nationwide by the third quarter of 2019.

“Many Filipinos have never seen or touched a 3D-printed product,” said CEO and co-founder Edward Solicito. “We take it upon ourselves to make sure that this changes. Imagine a future where you just have to go to any mall, and you can have your prototype made by Kezar3D.”

On the other hand, StudyPlay is set to unveil a new educational toy every two or three months. Its product portfolio currently has AirDoodle, a 3D-printing pen starter kit that allows children to make their own toys. Now available in Shopee, the kit includes AirDoodle Stencil guides and Doodle Filaments to serve as ink alternatives.

“3D printing has fast been making its way into various industries. Now it makes its way into the hands of children, ages 6 and above. The AirDoodle gives kids the chance to gain perspective of dimensions, creating the opportunity to draw 3D objects rather than the normal 2D drawings you get from a regular pen or pencil. Nothing is more fulfilling to kids than seeing their imagination come to life before their own eyes,” said Solicito.

Trakaro is aiming for more tourism establishments like hotels, restaurants, and tour operators, to join the fold. With potential clients in Indonesia and Australia, Trakaro users can expect overseas establishments onboard by the third quarter of 2019.

Kezar3D products

Backed by the Asian Institute of Management’s tourism center, Trakaro makes use of an algorithm that enables the team to measure and rate these establishments’ sustainability performance.

Said Solicito, “Natural resources are a prime necessity in most, if not all, industries. We are at the point wherein these resources are deteriorating and compromising the quality of environment. The food and hospitality industry are major players in this. Thus, by promoting sustainability metrics and ratings, we can make a large contribution in our communities.”

The platform is also targeting to increase awareness by employing digital advertising techniques.

Meanwhile, Kezar Atlas is slated to turn over 12 corporate mobile applications and software and sell more technology consumables. As of January 2019, its contracted revenues have reached the P4-million mark.

To date, Kezar Innovations has collected P5.4 million pesos in investments.

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