Globe rolls out credit card-free Facebook ads platform for MSMEs

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Globe myBusiness has partnered with Facebook in launching the country’s first credit card-free platform for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to create and boost their ads on Facebook.

Facebook Philippines country director John Rubio and Globe myBusiness senior advisor Derrick Heng at the launch of Globe myBusiness Ad Creator

With the Globe myBusiness Ad Creator, business owners can create content and charge their advertising expense directly to their Globe myBusiness Postpaid Bill which eliminates the need to own a credit card to pay for Facebook ads.

Credit card penetration in the Philippines remains low.  As of 2017, a survey conducted by the World Bank Global Findex showed that only 1.9% of Filipinos 15 years old and above own a credit card , thus, most local MSMEs cannot fully utilize Facebook for their marketing and advertising requirements.

Digital marketing is highly important to micro and small businesses since Filipinos spend an average of 10 hours a day on the internet and usually do their research online.  This requires businesses to have online exposure by having a website and social media presence in order for interested parties to easily find information about the company and its products and services.

“Globe myBusiness understands the dilemma that micro and small entrepreneurs face when trying to spread awareness about their products and services.  While business owners acknowledge the importance of social media marketing and advertising, many of them do not own a credit card which is a requirement by Facebook if one wants to put up an ad in the Philippines.  On one hand, those who do have a credit card do not want to use their personal account for business purposes,” said Ces Porto, Globe myBusiness marketing head.

On the other hand, Facebook Philippines country director John Rubio said: “Each day people come to Facebook to connect with the people, products, and services that they care most about. Across the world, there are over 90 million businesses on Facebook, and over 25 million businesses on Instagram — that are using our free and paid tools to run and grow their businesses. Together with our partners Globe and OnlineSales, we will expand our support for Philippine businesses of all sizes by providing tools and resources to help them grow and thrive in the digital marketplace.”

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