DICT holds simultaneous launch of 23 free Wi-Fi sites in PH

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The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) on Tuesday, Oct. 8, simultaneously launched 23 Wi-Fi sites across 17 regions in the Philippines through the agency’s “Free Wi-Fi for All” program.

Photo shows DICT chief Gregorio Honasan during the launch event at Fort Andres Bonifacio

DICT secretary Gregorio B. Honasan II led the National Capital Region (NCR) leg of the launch held at the Army General Hospital in Taguig City.

Addressing the patients and staff of the hospital as well as officers from the Philippine Army, Honasan emphasized the importance of Internet connectivity in the operational readiness of soldiers, especially during man-made and natural calamities.

Tuwing may kalamidad, may kaguluhan, may sakuna, ang tinatanong natin palagi ay kung meron bang kuryente. That’s the wrong question. The right question should be, ‘Meron bang contact?’ Para malaman natin kung sino iyong walang kuryente, kung sino iyong nahirapan talaga, kung sino iyong nawash-out iyong tulay. So the most important thing is contact, connectivity,” Honasan explained.

Major General Jesus B. Sarsagat, acting vice commander of the Philippine Army, said they are looking forward to more partnerships in the future. He stated the Philippine Army has other facilities to be installed with free Wi-Fi. 

“This project will definitely boost the morale of our men and women while recuperating from sickness. Projects such as this is one way of thanking them for the sacrifices that they have made for the country,” he added. 

Honasan vowed to strengthen DICT’s efforts to provide fast, cheap — if not free — and secure Internet access to the Filipino people, providing them access to data which they can transform into opportunities for progress and growth.

“It is important that we connect everybody to everybody else. Connectivity does not only unite the country, induce political unity and social cohesion, but also promote economic prosperity,” Honasan said.

Since the Honasan’s assumption to office last July 1, 308 live sites were added to the existing operational Wi-Fi sites, making a total of 3,000 as of October 2. The DICT targets to install a total of 8,073 operational live sites for the year 2019.

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