Digital credential storage platform enters PH education market

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With many industries undergoing various digital journeys, it may be high time for the educational sector to modernize the safekeeping of students’ credentials and certificates. These are crucial requirements when they seek employment.

Edufied CEO and founder Ryan Soh

Digital credential storage platform Edufied — which harnesses the blockchain capabilities and security advantages — was launched to provide a more efficient issuance and verification process from educational institutions. With this, individuals can store and share their credentials without the fear of losing them. Moreover, human resource departments can be sure that they’re getting genuine documents.

In an exclusive interview, Edufied CEO and founder Ryan Soh explained that the company’s implementation strategy includes a plug-and-play model that can be put up in less than a month, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) setup, or full integration into their client’s SIS system which requires a longer period of time for complete adoption.

Aside from the educational sector, the platform has also been tailor-fitted to the maritime industry and is called Marified, which makes sense since certificates and credentials are vital in the employment process for that workforce sector. Soh reiterated that their platform must always reflect and remain on its core identity, which is issuing documents and validating them.

“From that simple vision we are looking at allowing the issuer to improve efficiency and at the other end, whoever validates whether it’s the HR or employer, they’re able to at least trust a simple source of e-certificates with the ability to do instant validation,” he added.

The blockchain-based credential storage and verification platform is already set to be implemented for the K12 sector of Mastereign Enrichment Group, a Singaporean firm. Terry LIM, managing director of the institution, said that they are aiming to reach out to 450,000 kids and youths in the next 36 months of implementation.

“Edufied came [at the right time], especially in the digital transformation age with all institutions looking to streamlining their workflow and digitizing paperwork or documentation,” said Soh. When asked about their targets by Q4 next year, he likewise revealed that they are aiming to process at least one million issuances.

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