Infographic | Average Pinoy needs 96.2 days to save up for iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple’s pricing policy is causing more and more astonishment every year and is a beloved inspiration for Internet memes. This is proof that sense of humor is not dependent on wealth: American jokes are also relevant in the Philippines.

After the September presentation of Apple’s new devices, the analytical team of decided to compare an average salary in selected countries with the price of an iPhone 11 Pro (the 64GB model) in order to count the number of workdays required to buy it.

The official price of iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in the Philippines is P67,990. Assuming that, according to Numbeo (the Philippine Statistics Authority has not updated data about average wages since 2018), the average salary in the country is P14,849, a statistical Filipino would have to work for 96.2 days to afford this year’s iPhone (not counting living expenses).

In the lead of the rank are Switzerland, the US and Luxembourg, where the ratio of the iPhone’s price to the average salary is the most attractive. A statistical Swiss should be able to save up for iPhone 11 Pro in 4.8 days, an American – in 5.8 days, and a Luxembourger – in 6.7 days.

The reverse record belongs to Ukraine: a statistical resident of this country would have to lay aside 96.7 days worth of wages to buy the iPhone. With 96.2 days, Filipinos were right behind the Ukrainians.

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