Canva enterprise push fueled by new $3.2-B valuation

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Online graphic design software platform Canva recently announced its trajectory towards an enterprise push for their design suite, which will be called Canva for Enterprise.

This comes after a new valuation of $3.2 billion, which boasts of a significant increase from their $2.5-billion valuation in May this year.

Canva country manager for the Philippines Yani Hornilla-Donato

With roughly 20 million customers monthly comprised of mostly of individuals and small teams, Canva will now be using the new funding for R&D towards their upcoming enterprise usage.

In an exclusive interview, Canva country manager for the Philippines Yani Hornilla-Donato revealed that they’re set to develop Canva for Enterprise for large-organization use cases which will be in full swing by next year. She said the design company, which capitalized on the existing stakeholders, will use the new funding to support clients hailing from bigger organizations.

Asked about the specific targeted demographic of Canva for Enterprise, Hornilla-Donato explained: “Canva is a freemium app. For individual users, we really want to empower the world to design and then there’s a premium version Canva Pro, this one is for more solo entrepreneurs and smaller teams who can add more people into their brand.

“However, what makes Canva for Enterprise stand out, is that it’s targeting chief marketing officers so they can really control their brand. Nowadays, I think communication is what’s important for all companies to achieve their goals and with the booming workforce of it being remote and distributed teams, it’s become a pain point for brands to always be on-brand.”

The bulk of the recent funding round mostly came from Canva’s previous investors as to not acquire a larger capital since their profits have been favorable in the last two years.

Hornilla-Donato said that through the enterprise platform, brands will be able control the design assets coming out from their teams by having approval workflows, team dashboards, and a comment feature as well where clients can select every element in their slide and leave comments there. The brands can also choose what their teams can see, in order for them to focus on their respective brand elements.

Meanwhile, Canva for Enterprise will also feature a priority support of a dedicated account manager, as well as a service team who can import the pre-existing templates of the onboarding client to the Canva platform which will then be usable as sales and marketing templates exclusively for them.

Canva’s platform, even in the local scene, has seen a wide user base since the software-enabled graphic designs for posters and online content even for users who do not have design expertise. The elements and templates on Canva are a healthy mix of paid and free content, while the layout process is an intuitive one.

The desktop version contains more functionalities, while the mobile version Canva: Graphic Design & Video, Logo, Poster Maker, features ready-to-use design and editing and has more than 50 million downloads since its release last November of 2017.

“We have a huge design team in the Philippines. A lot of the templates that you see on Canva were actually made here by our designers. When we built the product, it’s aimed always for the rest of the world. It’s not just targeted to a specific location,” said Hornilla-Donato.

“What it can create are brands sending their messages more effectively through consistent messaging and design, and making enterprises and entrepreneurs in the Philippines access design more easily. What Canva does is it makes everyone be able to design.”

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