DOST holds basketball-inspired robotics competition

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The Science Education Institute (SEI) of the Department of Science and Technology is again staging a robotics competition inspired by basketball.

The contest, which followed football in its previous runs from 2011-2014, now features robots shooting sepak takraw balls in a trajectory towards their respective goals.

The varsity-type robotics competition dubbed “Tagisang Robotics 2.0” is now on its fifth run.

The competition started last September 2019 with a five-day technical training workshop and “game reveal”. Kits cointaining robot parts were distributed to the teams during the training.

The participating teams from 15 public high schools were given two months to design and build robots that could withstand the challenges in the playing field and shoot the most number of balls to win.

Each team is composed of four junior high school students and one teacher-coach. They will go through seven rounds of elimination matches to determine which teams will advance to the semi-finals and finals round.

The tournament will run until Tuesday, Nov. 19, at the Forum 2, PICC in Pasay City.

Winners of the Best Team Award will receive a P100,000 cash prize, while winners of the Best Alliance will win P150,000. The winning team coach will receive P30,000 and the winning alliance coaches  will also get P15,000 each.

The Best team is the team with the highest seed after the elimination round and the Best Alliance is awarded to the winning alliance of the championship round.

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