Friday, May 31, 2024

LRT-1 mobile app offers real-time updates on train sked, crowd stats

The Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) — the joint venture company of Metro Pacific Light Rail Corporation (MPLRC), AC Infra, and MPIC Infrastructure Holdings Limited (MIHL) — recently unveiled the ikotMNL mobile application.

LRMC president and CEO Juan F. Alfonso

LRMC, the private operator of LRT-1 train line, came up with the app to give their commuters information on real-time train arrival and departure schedules, as well as other details of the ride. The 12MB application is already available for Android and iOS devices. It requires data connection, will be free to install, and has already been downloaded more than a thousand times.

The app has gotten a fairly positive response from the initial user base, with many saying that the crowd monitoring feature of ikotMNL enables them to plan their trips ahead and estimate the duration of their rides which helps for time management.

Aside from the trip schedule information, all 20 LRT-1 stations will be monitored and the data on crowd congestion will be fed to the platform which will be reflected on real time in the app. Being marketed as both a tool for the already pre-existing commuter population and the tourist passengers, exact fare prices will also be supplemented.

“We’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort into making the ikotMNL app the best it can be and this early, we already have more features in mind to add to the app. It is our way to keep improving it so that those who have downloaded and yet to download the ikotMNL mobile app may continue to enjoy using it,” said LRMC corporate communications head Jacqueline Gorospe.

Other supporting features in the app includes data on the famous tourist spots that can be visited with an LRT ride and detailed directions on how to get there, while suggesting local partner tour operators who can suggest the best places in the area to shop or dine, as well as provide touring services.

Other secondary features in-app include safety reminders, passenger advisories and even news updates and announcements. For passenger concerns or reports, the app is also equipped with a dedicated customer service assistance chat box and a feedback form for the passengers’ experience satisfaction.

Ultimately, the app aims to be a combined urban mobility app, transport app, and a lifestyle app. Some upgrades in the pipeline include collaborations with beep card and QR codes, and tie-ups with private brands and merchants.

“This is the first railway and tourism app in the Philippines. We constantly look for modern ways to change the way we move people and this ikotMNL app is an innovative tool to delight our passengers with a comfortable, safe, and convenient experience when riding the LRT-1,” stated LRMC president and CEO Juan F. Alfonso. “We are excited to be part of tourists’ Manila adventures with ikotMNL app and the LRT-1.”


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