Huawei embraces IoE with new Wi-Fi 6 APs, flagship AirEngine 8760 has 10.75 Gbps peak data rate

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As the world transitions from the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) to that of the Internet of Everything (IoE), the need for strong and reliable network connectivity has become even more critical for everyone. Justin Solis — in the article “The Importance of Network Attachment in an Increasingly Connected World” — writes: “Maintaining your connection to the internet, and thus your network, has long been critical to not only business interactions but daily life; but as the IoE gains traction, the criticality of maintaining your network connection grows with it.”

The Wi-Fi evolution

The Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax — the latest generation and standard for wireless Internet which boasts of ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-high concurrency, and ultra-low latency — is a primary component of the developments in the age of IoE. With higher data rates, increased capacity, and improved power efficiency, Wi-Fi 6 promises optimum performance in environments with multiple connected devices. 

Huawei has been at the forefront of developing the new Wi-Fi standard since 2014. In fact, Huawei’s Dr. Osama Aboul-Magd chaired the IEEE 802.11ax Standards Task Group. As such, the company is recognized as a major contributor to Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax standards.

Powering fully wireless campuses

In its white paper “Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi,” Huawei asserts, “A well designed Wi-Fi network can greatly improve enterprise operation efficiency and employee satisfaction, and support more digital and intelligent services of enterprises.” The paper also highlighted the fact that Wi-Fi technology has to keep up with the “rapid iteration of standards and the explosive growth of requirement scenarios.” Among these scenarios or settings are wireless campuses.

It may be recalled that Huawei technology helped build a smarter campus for Xiamen University Malaysia. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 solutions provided a customized network coverage to meet the requirements for the university’s classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, dormitories, and sports centers.

In line with its bid to strengthen campus network connectivity, Huawei has unveiled its latest AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 series products, which are designed to help enterprises step into the fully wireless campus era. That said, these AirEngine products boast of unprecedented speed, constant mobility, and a reliable 100 Mbps connection in every part of the area covered by the network.

Leading the latest additions of Huawei’s new AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 APs is the flagship AirEngine 8760 AP — which  delivers an air-interface data rate of up to 10.75 Gbps. That’s twice the industry average. With that, this AP earns the distinction of being the first to achieve an air-interface data rate of over 10 Gbps, setting a new benchmark for Wi-Fi 6 products.

Beyond campus settings

Aside from the AirEngine 8760, Huawei also launched the AirEngine 8700, AirEngine 6700, and AirEngine 5700. While they’re promoted as ideal for wireless campuses, they actually cover a wide range of indoor and outdoor application settings that include the following:

  • high-density terminal access scenarios, such as office spaces, conference rooms, stadiums, terminal buildings, and stations
  • high-definition (HD) video application scenarios, such as Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) teaching and 4K/8K video conferencing
  • area-wide mobile production scenarios, such as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) robots
  • Wi-Fi convergence scenarios, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and other life and leisure complexes
  • outdoor public network service scenarios, such as plazas and streets

Indeed, Huawei’s AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 series products have established their dominance in the industry with its three core qualities:  

Lightning speed. With an air-interface rate as high as 10.75 Gbps and the industry’s largest number of spatial streams (16 in total), they’re future-proofed for the anticipated 10-fold increase in the number of terminals accessing enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Always-on mobility. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 uses industry-unique smart antennas that double signal strength, deliver 20% greater coverage distance, and ensure no signal degradation at the edge. The devices also run Huawei’s unique lossless roaming technology, which guarantees zero-packet loss for key services during roaming and has a 100% roaming success rate. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 also utilizes Dynamic Turbo technology (an intelligent application acceleration technology) to achieve ultra-low 10 ms latency. This ultra-low latency is half the industry’s average and makes VR, AR, and HD videos more stable than ever.

“100 Mbps @ everywhere.” Huawei’s integrated multiple cutting-edge 5G technologies ensure uninterrupted bandwidth and experience with  continuous networking at scale. This means that each terminal can obtain stable 100 Mbps anytime, anywhere even in high-density terminal access scenarios.

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