4 new partners join LazadaForGood to facilitate donations

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E-commerce firm Lazada has onboarded four new advocacy partners onto LazadaForGood, the company’s digital giving platform to help those in the frontlines and those in need of aid due to the Covid-19 crisis.

They are Philippine Red Cross, Kaya Natin, Virlanie Foundation, and 2KK Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid, joining the list of existing partners like Caritas Manila and UNICEF Philippines, bringing the total to 15.

Lazada said proceeds of all donations will help supply different forms of support for these organizations:

  • Philippine Red Cross and UNICEF donations are for medical staff supplies — PPEs and hygiene kits. Red Cross will also provide support through community engagement activities like psychosocial support and access to education for out-of-school children.
  • Donations for Caritas Manila supplies safety kits to be distributed to families and communities in need.
  • Kaya Natin Movement supports food and personal care packages, as well as personal protective equipment (PPEs) for our medical front liners.
  • Virlanie Foundation and 2KK Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid are donating food and personal care packages for street children.

Over the week, Lazada said its partner agencies have raised more than P2,000,000 through its digital giving platform to support frontliners and provide relief to the people affected by the virus. Through the platform, consumers can support local communities and causes in need through direct donations where they are assured of secure online payments.

“We are grateful that our advocacy partners have placed their trust in Lazada. We stand together, committed to serve and empower the Filipino community in all the ways that we can. The only way to truly fight this pandemic is through our collective efforts, and as one country,” said Ray Alimurung, Lazada Philippines CEO.

How to access direct donations to LazadaForGood through the platform? Click on the link to access the page.

On the Lazada website:

  • Open the Lazada website
  • Click ‘Load & eStore’
  • Once the page opens, click on the ‘Donations’
  • Select an advocacy partner of choice and ‘Add to cart’ to donate

On the Lazada app:

  • Launch the Lazada app
  • Click on ‘Load, Bills, and Coupon’
  • Tap on ‘Donation’
  • Select an advocacy partner of choice and ‘Add to cart’ to donate

Meanwhile, Lazada released the following FAQs for customers inquiring about the company’s services during the lockdown:

Can I still shop on Lazada?

Yes, you can still continue to place your orders on the Lazada website and app. But please expect delivery delays as our logistics operations are temporarily suspended following the Enhanced Community Quarantine measures all over Luzon.

In the meantime, you can still pay your bills through Lazada. Just open the Lazada app, click on ‘eLoad, Bills & eCoupon’, tap on ‘ePay Bills’ and select a provider. Enjoy no service fees plus save up to 15% off.

You can also buy load credits for your mobile phone by simply opening the Lazada app, click on ‘eLoad, Bills & eCoupon’, tap on ‘eMobile Load’, and proceed with your mobile top-up.

Can I order from LazMart since these are essential goods?

Yes! LazMart — our grocery service, will continue to be active. You can still order and receive your goods directly at your doorstep. But, please expect delivery delays.

For faster deliveries and for the safety and well-being of our customers and staff, LazMart is only accepting non-cash on delivery orders at this time.

I want to make sure that the package that I will receive is safe. Do you have safety measures in place for your delivery staff?

  • Yes, packages delivered are safe. To ensure end-to-end safety, we are observing the following preventive measures:
  • Regular disinfection and sanitation of our warehouse and sortation facilities
  • Safe handling of packages in a clean and sanitized environment
  • Strict implementation of daily temperature checks and hygiene practices for all our warehouse and delivery personnel, such as regular hand washing, wearing of masks and sanitizing before and after each delivery

Can I still pay in cash when I get my delivery?

Starting March 19, Cash on Delivery option is currently unavailable. This is to ensure faster deliveries and the health and safety of our customers and logistics staff.

How long will the extended delivery delays be?

Lazada logistics operations have been temporarily suspended. Please expect extended delays in deliveries as we actively work with the authorities on the current situation.

I cannot return my items right now. Will you extend the return period?

Yes, we will be extending the return period. Please make sure you submit an online return form within the return policy of your item. Purchases made on Local Marketplace and LazGlobal will be given 7 days and LazMall will have 15 days; to drop off the item for return after the enhanced community quarantine measures are lifted. We encourage everyone to be safe and stay indoors during this time.

Why is my refund not being processed?

Our warehouse and logistics operations are temporarily suspended thus the delay in quality evaluation of all returned items and failed delivery packages. Once regular operations resume, please give time for our delivery partners to ship back your orders to the seller, then your refund will be processed right after.

I ordered via Collection Point. What will happen to my order?

All uncollected orders will be canceled as operations of all Collection Points are temporarily suspended. Your refund will be processed once the package has been successfully returned to the sender.

If I cancel my order, can I still get a refund?

Shipped orders can no longer be canceled. But if your order is not yet packed by the seller, you may cancel the order by going to your ‘eMy Orders’ page. If cancellation is no longer available, please provide us your details here. We will coordinate your request with the seller but cannot guarantee the cancellation. Requests will only be reviewed once our logistics operations resume. A refund for prepaid orders will be processed right after the status of your order has been updated to Cancelled.

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