Mobile app that monitors movement of PUIs, PUMs set to be unveiled

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A mobile app called “OneCountry 100” is set to be launched to monitor and enforce the “strict quarantine” of PUIs (persons under investigation) and PUMs (persons under monitoring).

PUIs are those who are exhibiting symptoms such as cough or high fever and have traveled to a place with known Covid-19 cases. On the other hand, PUMs have a history of exposure to Covid-19 but with no symptoms.

The creators of OneCountry 100 said the app is aimed at providing the Department of Health (DOH) and the public with a GPS tool that will allow them to track the movement of PUIs and PUMs.

The app’s developers said, however, that they are still in the process of getting the go-signal from the government before the app is made available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Through the app, the general public will also be able to keep their distance from the PUIs and PUMs. Aside from the mobile app, a website is also available for use by the DOH at its Command Center, they added.

“Once a person is identified by the DOH as PUI or PUM, the GPS tracker will be activated and the place of quarantine is pinned for that person,” the creators of the app explained.

“Monitoring is done in the Command Center through a real-time map of all PUIs and PUMs. If a movement is detected beyond the allowable distance, a ticket is automatically created and DOH can send warnings or apprehensions to the PUI or PUM,” they added.

The app can also be used to submit incidents of crimes, hoarding, or any Covid-19-related cases. The Command Center will be responding and assigning them to the appropriate government agencies, the developers revealed.

“At the Command Center, the history and places visited by the PUIs and PUMs will be recorded. The map for tracking the PUIs and PUMs will show their movements from the quarantine area. Dashboards and reports will be available real-time for easy monitoring and contract tracing,” they said.

“Additionally, there is data visualization with a facility for cluster filtering that allows a better and enhanced representation of the cases which makes narrowing down of the data groups easier,” they added.

To comply with the Data Privacy Act, the app’s creators assured that the database will be encrypted with the vulnerabilities and security of the system properly tested.

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