Sunday, July 14, 2024

In internal memo, PLDT-Smart bans its employees from using Zoom

An internal memo by PLDT-Smart Communications dated April 3, 2020 has banned its employees from using the Zoom app in all their conference calls and meetings.

Zoom, the US-based videoconferencing tool that has skyrocketed to global popularity with the Covid-19 contagion forcing employees to work from home, has come under intense scrutiny due to its reported security flaws.

A phenomenon called “zoom bombing” has even emerged wherein hackers disrupt videoconferencing sessions with inappropriate content or abusive behavior.

The circular from PLDT-Smart’s Cyber Security Operators Group stated that the blacklisting of Zoom is being made to avert a “privacy disaster” within the two companies.

The document, signed by PLDT-Smart chief information security officer Angel Redoble, labeled Zoom as a “malware” whose continued use will expose the group to security vulnerabilities.

“The growing number of compromised Zoom users and hijacked online meetings are forcing us to prevent it from running in all PLDT-Smart endpoint assets,” the memo declared.


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