TSI: Built, structured, connected to evolve

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TSI’s network infrastructure and advanced cabling is poised to stand the test of time.

Connectivity is crucial in a world that is now largely digital. In his article “The Importance of Strong Connectivity for Your Business,” David Osen notes: “Every modern business needs to have strong connectivity to effectively communicate with customers, clients and employees. It is key to the day to day running of most software, and determines how well you can deliver your service.”

Technologies Specialist Inc. (TSI) — which provides advanced cabling and network infrastructure solutions and services — understands just how much companies across all industries need a reliable network infrastructure.

Otherwise, they can’t function efficiently and fail to maximize their resources. Downtime means the loss of production capacity and has staggering financial consequences. That said, the success of companies depends on them staying connected because it leads to increased customer trust due to high satisfaction, robust growth, and opens doors leading to more referrals. 

For more than two decades, TSI has stayed ahead of the curve through a combination of foresight and innovation. In line with this, the company is unveiling a new logo affirming its commitment to building strong networks. TSI has positioned itself as a service provider offering reliable solutions for structured cabling and infrastructure.

“Structured Cabling Market Share Trends Forecast Report 2019-2025” — a report published by Market Watch — revealed, “Increasing concerns about the network security and the safety of IT devices are encouraging industrial sectors to implement effective cabling infrastructure that will reduce the chances of accidental access or intrusion.” Thus, the global structured cabling market is expected to exceed $25 billion by 2025.

But more than providing built-to-evolve solutions to its clients, TSI ensures the delivery of exemplary service to its clients. The company has always maintained that success entails going beyond physical structured cabling. 

Apart from providing cabling solutions, TSI aims to give its clients cost savings that they can reallocate to other business needs. In fact, one of the questions the company asks potential clients is this: “How much do you lose when you don’t have a solutions-centric approach to innovative cabling?” It’s one of the questions that help potential clients make informed decisions about the changes or upgrades that they want TSI to implement on their existing network infrastructures. 

Ultimately, TSI is here for lasting relationships with its clients. These are timeless-yet-dynamic connections that empower businesses to keep up with rapid technological developments.

Success favors the more connected. Visit TSI on Facebook to discuss synergies today.

As a complete solutions provider, Technologies Specialist, Inc. (TSI) goes beyond the physical part of innovative cabling and data centers, security and surveillance, and electrical systems. When a business partners with TSI, TSI links systems and users together with its end-to-end solutions while integrating success through its expertise and a team of dedicated and highly-skilled engineers and project managers.

A subsidiary of Trends Group Inc., TSI designs and delivers high quality and innovative cabling and network infrastructure solutions and services that enable our clients to integrate the technologies they need to succeed.

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