Monday, May 27, 2024

Pinoy software firm pitches HR tool for remote work setups

Homegrown software company Radenta Technologies said it has created a cloud-based human resource platform that keeps business owners and team members fully in touch even when working remotely.

The software, dubbed as “HEMP” or Human Empowerment Equals Happy Employees, is a customized and scalable touch-of-a-button solution that offers features like HR and Payroll, Performance Assist, Employee Accounting, Staff Hub, and Biometrics Security: 

  • Perfomance Assist can provide an automated timesheet ready for customer billing as well as a page for performance insight with configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to set staff goals and targets.
  • Employee Accounting can secure company policies and employee files as well as track leaves and holidays and monitor staff expenses and reimbursements. It can also store BIR 2316 data and Alphalist Report.
  • Staff Hub provides a mobile phone interface for employees that can display e-Payslips as well as the status of application and approval of requests for leaves, overtime or offset. It can help employees track their expenses and reimbursements.  It can also offer clock in/out capability. Staff Hub is GPS-enabled.
  • Biometrics Security seamlessly integrates with the company’s biometric system to record employee time in/out. The logs are then securely transmitted to HEMP for automated payroll processing through Application Programming Interface (API) calls. This gives the company a real-time status of employees once they log in on the biometrics system either through the Admin or Staff Hub portals.

The HR and Payroll feature of HEMP can handle E-201 files including SSS, PhilHealth, PagIBIG and GSIS. It includes leaves and holidays management. It can be an HR policy repository with the ability to trigger automatic staff notification on new company rules. It is also compliant with the Data Privacy Act (DPA).

The HEMP offers several benefits that transform a company’s HR from a transactional to a strategic unit. It takes away repetitive tasks, thus freeing HR so it can focus more on creating strategies on corporate cultural improvements and staff retention plans. It essentially gives HR more time to review and update policies.

The HR solution enables accurate and on-time payouts. The staff receives their pay slips either via email or through the mobile application in real-time. This reduces staff disputes and in turn saves valuable company time.

An indirect but rather important value of HEMP is that it gives insight on employee behavior. Such tangible data can support company decision and policy-making over time.

HEMP also provides a de minimis and other benefits tax calculator. This built-in intelligent tax calculation element automatically adjusts tax computations based on earnings/deductions on every pay run.

Radenta also provides strong data protection to support HEMP. The company’s cloud data storage has data encryption capabilities that protect client data from unauthorized access. Automated back-up facilities are present to mitigate data loss due to accidental access and computer failures.

HEMP was built without complications and designed with simplicity in mind. Data is readily accessible at a single glance be it on the self-service portal, timesheet, admin portal, pay runs, recurring pay items, staff status, employee location restriction, employee holidays and audit logs.

“At Radenta, we are always re-thinking established norms and procedures,” said Randall Lozano, president of Radenta Technologies. “We are responsive to the needs brought about by unexpected situations. We are always looking at ways to make things better, faster, more systematic, more secure. HEMP is a product of this philosophy.”

To know more, get in touch with Radenta at (02) 535-7801, 0917 543 4765, or via its Facebook page.


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