HR startup launches ‘FacePass’ to prevent workplace Covid-19 infections

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To help local businesses protect their workforce against the spread of Covid-19 in offices, HR tech startup Salarium has launched FacePass, a touchless time and attendance solution. 

“FacePass offers more than just facial recognition timekeeping,” Salarium founder and CEO Judah Hirsch said. “It combines convenience and efficiency in enforcing safety entry protocols with its facemask detection and body temperature scanning.” 

FacePass comes with a device called SAFE Tech (Secured Attendance & Face-Enabled Technology), that can require employees to wear a facemask and have a normal body temperature before accepting their clock-ins.

It can accurately recognize an employee in seconds even with their face masks and face shields on. In addition, it alarms when someone exceeds the normal body temperature.

Hirsch said that the company has remained operational since the start of ECQ, with their time and attendance solutions being in-demand among businesses implementing flexible working arrangements.

“As we prepare ourselves for the new normal, we want to help companies create the safest and secure environment for their staff and at the same time adapt to the rapidly changing working set-ups,” he said.

FacePass is integrated into Salarium’s timekeeping system, enabling HR staff to create, track, and manage shifts and schedules, manage overtimes, undertimes, and leaves, and complete attendance reports instantly.

It also includes an Employee Self Service (ESS), which allows employees to access their records: time and attendance, shift schedules, leaves, and overtimes and undertimes via any device. 

“With the seamless integration of FacePass to Salarium, it’s the perfect timekeeping solution for any business as we move towards the new normal and beyond,” Hirsch added.

The FacePass subscription starts with a 24-month Lease contract worth P5,000/month/device + the Salarium time and attendance rate worth of P150/month/employee. For every company with more than 200 employees that will avail FacePass, they will be provided one free SAFE Tech device.

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