Red Bull ‘R1v1r Runes’ digital tourney returns to PH

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The second edition of the Red Bull River Runes is set to kick off across the Philippines to challenge “Defense of the Ancient (DOTA)” pro gamers and casual players alike.

What’s at stake? A chance to go head-to-head with two-time consecutive The International (TI) DOTA 2 World Champions – OG.

Last year, Team Liquid was defeated by OG at the final round, OG being the top seed for the main event as an invited team and taking home the grand prize of $15,609,384.00. Runner-up Team Liquid still took home $4,459,830.00, although the last time they finished as champions was just in 2017.

All throughout May, regional qualifiers will be held virtually from Luzon to Mindanao. This is an opportune time to hold the series of matches since the event has always been hosted virtually, with the finals livestreamed via Lupon WXC.

Open to players 18 and above with Steam and Discord accounts, Red Bull River Runes is primarily a game with modified DOTA 2 mechanics.

While traditional DOTA 2 games are set out in a three-lane map with a variety of objectives – building items, pushing towers, slaying enemy champions, River Runes will only makes use of the “mid” lane over the course of the 15-minute game.

Both “top” and “bot” lanes are disabled in the game, and as the name suggests, runes will appear at two spots in the river. Unlike the regular game where the runes are completely random, River Runes incorporates an indicator as to what rune will be dropping next – Bounty, Double Damage, Haste, Regeneration, Invisibility, Illusion, and Arcane.

DOTA players don’t need an introduction to the functions of each rune, as all of them are pretty self-explanatory. Bounty provides a small chunk of gold that players can use to buy items and augment the stats of their in-game characters while Double Damage raises the base attack damage by 100%.

Haste provides a quick movement speed boost, regeneration replenishes both the health and mana bars, Invisibility gives tactical advantage until the user attacks, Illusion grants multiple copies of the character with lower stats, and Arcane reduces active cooldown durations, as well as mana costs.

The players will start at opposite sides of the map with the “Radiant” at the bottom left and the “Dire” on the top right. Although the classic mode requires all towers pushed and all the way to the destruction of the enemy “Ancient”, River Runes players only need to kill the hero of the opponent three times, or deplete the life bar of the first outermost tower to zero.

Since items are important in the game, and the stronger ones are very pricey, simply landing the killing blow on the enemy creeps and obtaining the bounty rune might will make gold acquisition during the match painfully slow. That’s why every match will intro with the gamer’s character already having three items, a small amount of gold, and will automatically be supplied one item at five-minute intervals.

Registration is already ongoing here. Here are the schedules of the matches:

  • May 8th & 9th – Mindanao Qualifier
  • May 15th & 16th – Visayas Qualifier
  • May 22nd & 23rd – Luzon Qualifier
  • May 29th – Last Chance Qualifier
  • May 30th – Philippine Finals
  • June – 1v1 Finals with OG The International 2019 Champions
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