Saturday, July 20, 2024

Batangas State U lab uses new 3D printing process to create face shields faster

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Calabarzon has received 100 3D-printed face shields from the Labspace for Innovation, Knowledge-Honing and Application (Likha) Fabrication Laboratory of the Batangas State University for the use of the DTI skeleton workforce in the region.

The Likha FabLab, established on December 27, 2018, is a shared-service facility funded by the DTI where business enterprises engaged in top industries in the region such as furniture-related processes and electronics can collaborate with designers to create and develop models to make prototypes for mass production.

Currently, the Likha FabLab team fabricates using 3D printers and vacuum-forming machine. With the production of the face shields using the vacuum forming process, it is now able to reduce the time of fabrication to six minutes per face shield as compared to the traditional 3D-printing process that takes an hour and 42 minutes. This process makes use of a 3D-printed mold, a vacuum forming machine, acetate films, staplers, cutters, scissors, and garters.  

“We express our deep gratitude to the Batangas State University Likha FabLab for their kindness, generosity, and support to our frontline workers. This will surely help us in performing our duties safely amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The commendable effort and initiative are very much appreciated,” said DTI-Calabarzon director Marilou Toledo.

To continue developing face shields for our frontline workers, the team is presently in need of additional materials. For donations, please contact Engr. Albertson Amante at 0917 562 0916 and Engr. Louie Villaverde at 0921 737 6341.


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