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Food recipes surge to record high in Google PH search for April

The lockdown imposed by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic appeared to have forced many Filipinos to try out various food recipes in their homes during the month of April.

This is apparently a Dalgona coffee which many Pinoys tried to concoct during the lockdown (Photo credit: The Cooking Foodie)

This is according to Google Philippines, which recapped the most searched terms and queries that topped curiosity of Filipinos while under community quarantine.

“Recipes, bread, and cake all surged to a record high during the month,” the Internet firm said in a news bulletin.

The following searches spiked +5,000%:

  • “Dalgona coffee recipe instant coffee”
  • “Puto pao recipe”
  • “How to make condensed milk cake”.

Searches that spiked +3,250%.

  • “Sotanghon guisado recipe”

The most searched recipe terms are:

  1. Carbonara recipe
  2. Maja blanca recipe
  3. Pancake recipe
  4. Banana cake recipe
  5. Puto recipe
  6. Menudo recipe
  7. Leche flan recipe
  8. Pandesal recipe
  9. Chicken curry recipe
  10. Dalgona coffee recipe

Meanwhile, coronavirus was the 5th most searched term in the Philippines during April (behind YouTube, “Facebook”, “Translate” and “MP3”). Search interest for the pandemic surged to a new high nationally, peaking on April 13.

  • The region with the highest search interest over April is Central Visayas, followed by Eastern Visayas and Caraga.
  • Among other trending topics over the month is the Department of Social Welfare and Development, which reached an all time high on 5 April.

Most searched questions for coronavirus in April

  1. What is coronavirus?
  2. Is coronavirus airborne?
  3. Is there a cure for coronavirus?
  4. How many cases of coronavirus in the Philippines?
  5. When will coronavirus end?
  6. How to prevent coronavirus?
  7. What country has no coronavirus?
  8. When did coronavirus start?
  9. How to know if you have coronavirus?
  10. How does Taiwan control coronavirus?

Most searched coronavirus-related terms in April

  1. Coronavirus update
  2. Coronavirus Philippines
  3. Worldometer coronavirus
  4. Coronavirus symptoms
  5. Coronavirus stats
  6. Coronavirus cases
  7. Coronavirus death toll
  8. Coronavirus vaccine
  9. Italy coronavirus
  10. Coronavirus USA

Regions as ranked by search interest for coronavirus in April

  1. Central Visayas
  2. Eastern Visayas
  3. Caraga
  4. Northern Mindanao
  5. Zamboanga Peninsula
  6. Western Visayas
  7. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
  8. Cordillera Administrative Region
  9. Metro Manila
  10. Davao Region


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