Huawei underlines cloud breakthroughs in educ, health sectors

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Amid the global coronavirus contagion, Chinese tech giant Huawei recently highlighted the capabilities and advantages of its cloud offerings for the education and health sectors.

Michael Macdonald, Huawei chief digital officer for Asia Pacific

At its Huawei Philippines Ecosystem Partner Summit held online, the company underlined the AI-assisted diagnosis feature of Huawei Cloud in CT scan machines used in hospitals like the ones installed in Baguio City.

“Baguio City mayor Benjamin Magalong stated that Covid-19 CT scan machines powered by artificial intelligence from Huawei yielded 98-percent accurate results in just two minutes,” said Michael Macdonald, Huawei chief digital officer for Asia Pacific.

Macdonald said the AI-assisted diagnosis is six times faster in identifying infection in a patient. With Huawei AI-Assist, he said organizations are able to streamline and help identify potential issues in imaging.

The speed is driven primarily by the amalgamation of fiber, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 that yields larger bandwidths and wider connectivity at an extremely low latency.

Through a combination of Wi-Fi access points connecting through a variety of devices — smartphone, switches, access routers, and 5G CPEs — collaboration and communication between doctors, paramedics, and patients are securely and efficiently enabled. 

Huawei said its cloud offerings have also reinvigorated the education system that was slowed down by the global pandemic. With remote learning solution, students across all levels can participate in an online and interactive learning, the company said.

By accessing real-time classes regardless of geography, its interactive learning platform allows anyone to connect anytime even with conditions of low bandwidth connections down to 64 kilobits per second, it pointed out.

“Huawei’s online learning solution provides interactive and collaborative solution for remote learning for basic education, higher or vocational education, or even teacher training,” Macdonald added.

During the event, Huawei also highlighted the latest developments for the Wi-Fi 6 system, as well as the UPS Battery which now boasts a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

The company also recognized its local partners, with Accent Micro Technologies Inc. bagging the partner of the year and Cloud & AI partner of the year award, while the ICT Talents Partner of the Year award was given to Mapua University.

On Thursday, May 14, Huawei will run a webinar focusing on working-from-home security measures and Sage 300 business management solutions as part of a series of webinars called Huawei Cloud Live.

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