SC sets online oath-taking for 2019 Bar passers on June 25

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The Supreme Court approved on Tuesday, June 9, a resolution allowing the conduct of the oath-taking ceremony of the 2019 Bar examination passers on June 25 via online video conference and linked to a government television network for broadcast.

Photo courtesy of PNA

The SC noted that the current health crisis and Covid-19 pandemic made it not possible to hold the oath-taking ceremony the traditional way, as it had to take into consideration the existing government policies on public health, particularly on mass gatherings. More than 2,000 new lawyers will be taking their oaths.

However, the SC made it clear in its resolution that the unorthodox oath-taking was to be “pro hac vice”, which is Latin for “on this occasion only”. This means that due to the current pandemic, the resolution was to be exclusive and limited only on the occasion of the oath-taking of the 2019 Bar passers.

The resolution cited Article VIII, Section 5 (5) of the Constitution which is the rule-making power of the SC concerning the admission to the practice of law as its basis.

The high tribunal authorized the Bar Confidant, under the guidance of the 2019 Bar chairperson, senior associate justice Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe, to perform all necessary acts, under existing rules, regulations, and resources, to carry out the oath taking as contemplated in the resolution.

The Office of the Bar Confidant will be making the necessary announcements on the details, guidelines, and instructions to the new lawyers for the online oath-taking.

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