‘Audition Online’ mobile game now live


Southeast Asian online game publisher Playpark recently launched the mobile platform for its multiplayer rhythm dancing PC game that was released way back in 2005. The publisher is marketing the game as a way for players to access the full features of its predecessor on both Android and iOS devices.

Club Audition M, developed by T3 Entertainment, has already garnered more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store. It is basically the gaming title Audition Online but optimized for mobile phone gameplay. The player, or the “DJ” in-game, will still be able to choose the song, game mode, and difficulty that is based on increasing beats-per-minute timing.

The game allows the players to choose among three special game modes: Bubbles, Beat, and Classic, or the five standard game modes that facilitate player-versus-player battle mechanics. ‘Clubbers’ are also given the option to upgrade their ‘dance power’ in-game in order to achieve a higher score when hitting the ‘Perfect Combo’.

The mobile version also introduces the concept of camp battles that open opportunities to earn exclusive rights, special access to exclusive items, and character buffs for the entire squad. The Dance Battle mode can hold a free-for-all challenge among a maximum number of six players, while the Couple Dance builds a battleground for pair matches that race for the five ‘Perfects’ mark.  

Taking a different approach from the aforementioned modes, Bubble Pang offers a simple gameplay – tracking and clicking bubbles that populate the player’s screen. NPC matches are also available through the Battle Party mode which is open for four players challenging a single NPC in the game. Meanwhile, the FAM Battle Party Club dangles bigger rewards for teams who joined a guild.

Recommended Android device specs for a smooth experience when playing Club Audition M include 3GB RAM, 2GB memory space for installation files, extra 2GB phone storage, at least a Quad Core SoC, and Android 8 Oreo and up. For Apple OS gamers, the device should be an iPhone 6 and up, running at least iOS 10.