NPC issues rules allowing hearings via videoconferencing

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The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said it has adopted videoconferencing to reduce the risks of coronavirus infections posed by face-to-face hearings.


Advisory 2020-02 or the “Guidelines on the Use of Videoconferencing Technology for the Remote Appearance and Testimony of Parties Before the NPC” took effect on the day it was issued on Monday, August 3.

The guidelines detail the proceedings, and proper conduct of e-hearings and post-hearings.

“Videoconferencing will enable the NPC to maintain a safe workplace while ensuring a continuous delivery of our service. This can also provide stakeholders convenience and cut down on their travel cost,” NPC commissioner Raymund Liboro said.

The e-hearings can be conducted for all quasi-judicial proceedings, such as discovery conferences, summary hearings, mediation conferences, investigations, and clarificatory hearings.

Parties to the complaint or investigation who may wish to avail themselves of e-hearing should express their written consent in the manner prescribed in the new guidelines.

“Rest assured that e-hearings shall be conducted in a secure and reliable videoconferencing platform, and that standard practices on collection, storage and disposal of personal data are observed,” Liboro said.

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