DOST Region II launches ‘Einstein 1K’ to shore up intellectual property output

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The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region II launched online its new project dubbed “Einstein 1K” short for “Engaging Innovation by Nurturing Significance of Thousand Excellent Ideas in the North” on Friday, August 27.

DOST Regional Office II director Sancho A. Mabborang

Einstein 1K is aims to raise the bar for Region II in terms of contributed inventions, utility model, industrial design, and trademark.

The new project aims to register 1,000 patents that will include utility model, industrial design, copyright, and trademark; entice researchers and inventors to become career scientist applicants; institutionalize reward system for approved intellectual property (IP) policies, and create spin-off companies by mainstreaming Industry 4.0 and SETUP 2.0.

Incidentally, SETUP is one of the flagship programs of the DOST that stands for Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program.

DOST Regional Office II director Sancho A. Mabborang said the initiative does not only aim to put Cagayan Valley in the innovation space but to create, as well, a sustainable synergy among the project-partners in nurturing the research and development (R&D) ecosystem in the countryside.

The launching was done virtually with DOST-II signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Cagayan State University (CSU), Batanes State Colleges (BSC), Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU), University of La Salette-Santiago City, St. Mary’s University, St. Paul University of the Philippines, University of St. Louis (USL), and Quirino State University (QSU).

Meanwhile, Mabborang was awarded the Gawad CES of the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) through his active and sustainable implementation of SETUP among the micro, small and medium enterprises. He was cited for his effective implementation of the, the first government e-commerce portal in the country that enables local MSMEs to market their products for free.

Mabborang was also credited for his achievements in research and development through the establishment of R&D centers and chairpersonship of the regional research and development committee.

Other awardees are DOST undersecretary for research and development Rowena Christina Guevarra and DOST regional director IV-A Alexander Madrigal. The Gawad CES recognition includes a plaque with the Presidential Seal, a statuette, and prize money amounting to P100,000.

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