Thursday, July 25, 2024

Oppo to roll out ColorOS 11 update

Smartphone brand Oppo has finally launched its latest OS version, following Google’s Android 11 announcement.

Instead of naming it the ColorOS 7.2, which the company has teased multiple times, Oppo decided to call its own Android skin the ColorOS 11 to be aligned with the stock version for easier following. 

The ColorOS 11 will retain almost all aspects of the stock Android features and add customization options, in line with the brand’s “Make Life Flow” concept for this update. Oppo pointed out that its close collaboration with Google is the main reason for the quick rollout.

The new ColorOS skin revolves around giving its users a wider range of control, especially in the area of personalization.

With the built-in UI customization platform, users can now select their own designs for the Always-On display feature for Amoled smartphones, themes and wallpaper, and even fonts and icons.

Google also played around Android’s Dark Mode, which now has three color schemes and levels of contrast for better user convenience.

While Oppo retained this mode, it also added a feature called Relax 2.0 which produces customized white noise that takes inspiration from the sounds in cities around the globe. 

According to Lynn Ni, the design project lead for Oppo’s ColorOS, the focus on providing an extended UI customization is rooted in the need of many smartphone users of a device experience that is unique to them.

This is also why Android smartphones are notorious for jailbreaking and rooting operations, since customers seek unique OS experiences and better customization freedom.

“The ColorOS team has heeded the user feedback for greater UI customization, offering a more personalized UI that encompasses a wide range of features. In doing so, we are providing users with ample space to demonstrate their creativity and exercise control over their phones,” the company said.

The Three-Finger Translate feature powered by Google Lens, the brainchild of Google and Oppo’s exclusive collaboration, will also be making its debut in the ColorOS 11 set of features. It works by translating the text on any screenshot file with the three-finger gesture.

Other ColorOS 11 features include a universal remote platform for IoT devices called Device Control, a Super Power Saving mode for running dedicated apps when battery is low, a protective function against overcharging called Battery Guard, and frame and response rate booster called Quantum Animation.

“Through the latest ColorOS 11, we’re happy to offer an unprecedented level of UI customization that will enable Filipino consumers to better personalize their Oppo smartphone experience,” said Raymond Xia, Oppo Philippines marketing director.

The ColorOS 11 will be released in consecutive rollout batches. The Find X2 series will be the first to receive the update, followed by the Reno3 series, then concludes with the F, K, and A series. In its entirety, roughly 28 devices will be eligible for the new OS.


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