Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Concepcion Industrial Corp. picks Oracle for cloud journey

The Covid-19 pandemic has become a major blow to the traditional business models of most companies. The quarantine and lockdowns forced these organizations to adopt a more digital-based business strategy.

Concepcion Industrial picks Oracle for its cloud journey

In the case of local consumer appliances distributor Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), a company established way back in 1962, its legacy route that revolved around distribution partners came to a grinding halt. With half of the company’s partners prevented from operating, CIC decided to rework its sales and service blueprint.

“The recent lockdowns demonstrated that we needed to urgently upgrade and unify our front and back office processes. Our traditional business model depended on our distribution partners, but more than 50 percent of them were not allowed to operate as a result of the pandemic. With more consumers purchasing online, we knew a change in the way we operate was imminent,” said Raul Joseph Concepcion, chairman and CEO of CIC.

CIC settled on Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Applications to consolidate all office operations and run them on a single encompassing platform. With this application suite, CIC will be able to leverage the predictive service models of Oracle Cloud Customer Experience, the direct-to-consumer service of Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management, and the enterprise function management brought by Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning.

“We selected Oracle Cloud Applications to provide us with one single platform that could unify across our front and back office operations and provide real-time insights. This includes feedback from consumer interactions, both online and via field service. Oracle gives us new possibilities to redesign our business operations,” Concepcion said.

Siva Ganeshanandan, head of Oracle Cloud CX for Asean, emphasized that only Oracle Cloud Applications are able to fuse finance, supply chain, and customer experience together on a single cloud platform.

“Changing customer demands are driving companies to reconsider traditional business models and how they serve their customers. As a recognizable brand in the Philippines, CIC is not only creating new revenue streams and service offerings with technology, but also engaging with customers directly to ensure that it remains a household name into the future,” Ganeshanandan said.


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