Garena Fantasy Town arrives in PH

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Garena, an online game developer and publisher headquartered in Singapore, has officially launched its first casual farming simulator title called Fantasy Town. To mark this local release, the game will feature content unique to the Philippines.

Along with Arumgames, Garena is aiming the product towards casual mobile gamers who are looking for the next idle simulator that doesn’t get abandoned by its developers, since this genre most of the time offers paid in-game content. Garena is known locally for its PC MOBA games Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends. Garena is also behind Call of Duty Mobile and Garena Free Fire, both FPS games.

Fantasy Town is being advertised as a farming simulator that allows open-ended customization, hence local players will have access to country specific characters like the “Manananggal” and related cosmetic elements. The game encourages its users to select characters, heroes, crafters, and decorations based on their preferences.

The game also has a guilding system for co-op missions, as well as a messaging feature called Guestbook. Since Garena is setting its sights on the wider casual gaming audience, Fantasy Town also includes dungeon exploration, hero collection, and several mini-games.

Other game mechanics include item trading, gifting, season-limited promotional events, NPC missions, and trophy collection. As of September 21, Fantasy Town has been downloaded for more than 500,000 times and is compatible with Android 5.1 version and above.

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