Tuesday, July 23, 2024

US firm intros low-cost desktop card printer in PH

US-based firm HID Global is bringing a printer and encoder used for issuing personalized credentials to the entry and mid-level segment. The company considers the new HID Fargo Ink1000 as a breakthrough product that sets the stage for more affordable desktop card printers in the market.

The Fargo Ink1000 also debuts a thermal inkjet printing feature at its price point. It features a print speed of up to 100 cards per hour or roughly 36 seconds per card, maxed resolution at 600×1200 dots-per-inch, and can print on a wide range of card types – whether it’s PVC, press polished PVC, composite, or laminated PVC material.

The device can stock up on 100 cards at a time and is pre-loaded with a dedicated Fargo driver that helps with spot-color matching, thanks to the Color Assist diagnostic utility. According to the company, Fargo Ink1000 eliminates the need for specialized card media and print ribbons.

“Until now, small and medium-sized organization have had very limited options for personalized credential issuance due to high costs and complex maintenance requirements,” said Craig Sandness, VP and managing director of Secure Issuance for HID Global.

Compared to traditional Direct-to-Card printing methods where images and text are printed directly on the card’s surface with the help of heat and pressure, the Fargo Ink1000 employs a technique where it recreates the content through snap-in cartridges onto paper, or in this case, plastic substrates.

“Our HID Fargo Ink1000 solution resolves those challenges, creates an unmatched industry benchmark for affordability and ease-of-use, and extends the simplicity of inkjet printing popularized for home use to retail counters and office environments,” Sandness said

Some US-based retailers for the HID Fargo Ink1000 are already making it available to be ordered with a price of $1,449 (P70,081).


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