UXPH CONF 2020 gears up to boost Filipino user experience

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Non-profit organization UXPH (User Experience Philippines) has announced it will be hosting “UXPH CONF 2020: Designers as Navigators of Change”, a two-day online conference filled with talks and workshops specifically geared towards experience designers, enthusiasts, and problem-solvers.

There will be a wide range of topics covered such as design management, research methodology, design methods, and so much more. The event is scheduled to be held from November 14-15, from 11:30am onwards.

According to managing director Aldrich Tan, the event promises to help unleash the potential of Filipino UX designers, especially considering its rising demand as more aspects of life have no choice but to digitalize.

“UX needs to be incorporated into a service or product to ensure brand loyalty,” he explained. “Businesses everywhere are realizing this, but the reality is there aren’t enough UX designers able to meet the high demand. In the Philippines, UX design practice is still very young, but the community is extremely eager and willing to learn and grow.”

As such, UXPH CONF 2020: Designers as Navigators of Change promises to showcase over 20 talks and workshops. The program will be helmed by 29 speakers from all around the globe, eager to share their expertise on how designers can adapt and thrive amidst the disruption brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year alone, the organization organized over 12 community events and three conferences throughout the Philippines, in partnership with local UX communities such as UXDVO and CEBUXD.

Early bird tickets for UXPH CONF 2020 are now on sale on the event’s official website.

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