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REVIEW | Therapro Mini massage device

Seeing that we’ve all been stuck indoors for several months, with services like gyms, salons, and spas not operating, it makes a lot of sense to buy a self-service device like a massage unit. Perfectly fitting the need is the Therapro Mini vibration massage gun. Below is our experience with it during the quarantine of 2020.

The Package

The unit comes in a convenient carry case, which is molded to hold the primary device and its various changeable head options. It also includes a charger, product information guide, and extra rubber washers/spacers.

As for the cardboard box, it’s well designed and has information about the device.

Design and Ergonomics

The vibration massage device is well built. Though the entire external surface comprises plastic materials, it feels solid. The handle has a frosted coating that has a matte finish; the texture is great to hold. The button panel is under the rubber strip which illuminates.; the tactile feel is nice.

The upper section of the device has a plastic mesh which serves for ventilation of the internal mechanical components and looks aesthetically pleasing. The color combination is black and metallic grey. Overall, a well-designed good-looking device.

Features and Performance

It has 5-speed settings, which can be operated by a single button for power and speed change. The various settings are visually indicated but the lighting on the rubberized button panel.

With the different heads, you can get the desired pressure based on the region of use. For example, the dual head being for around the spine, and the large spherical one for big muscles like the legs. There is a noticeable difference in pressure based on the head being used.

Needless to say, some caution and care are required during use. To prevent overuse, the device has a built-in 10-minute cutoff, wherein it powers-down after 10 minutes of continuous use. Similarly, you need to be wary of the fast-moving parts near the head, as touching it could hurt you. So, it’s certainly unsafe left around children.

In terms of how it performs, we were very happy with the relaxation it offered. While it doesn’t compare to say a human masseuse, it can be compared to a TENS massager used in physiotherapy. 

Value and Competition

At an SRP of P7,999, it isn’t cheap, but given the build quality and functionality it offers, it seems justifiable.  The website we purchased this from requires pre-order and indicates an estimated delivery time.

Searching online you can find other devices similar to the Therapro at varying prices. Some have more features and fancy LED displays, while there are some ultra-budget ones as well.

Closing Words

So, is the Therapro massage device for you? If you have been advised physiotherapy, then absolutely yes. And similarly, if you enjoy the relaxation of a massage, then yes you could consider it. If like me you aren’t someone who cares for it much, then you may not see the point to it. It’s certainly nice to have, but may not be something I’d specifically spend on. For a family setting though, the value proposition would be greater.

  • Model: Therapro Mini Handheld 5-speed Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
  • Price: P7,999
  • Verdict: A high-quality convenient home-massage device


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