Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Study shows brand preferences in PH shifted during pandemic

Online survey firm Qualtrics has released a new research revealing that even though restrictions have changed, the actions brands are taking continue to have a significant impact on consumers during the first six months of the pandemic in the Philippines.

More than 95 percent agreed that during a crisis, brand actions impact trust — with a majority 88% of people agreeing the impact was major, according to the survey.

Similar to an earlier study, the drivers of brand trust are consistent. Not taking advantage of a crisis to maximize profits remains the most important (41%), followed by maintaining reasonable pricing (40%), and taking care of customers (34%) and employees (23%).

The report also revealed a shift in communication preferences and the messages people in the Philippines want to receive.

Updates on how brands are responding to the pandemic as well as messages on safety and hygiene protocols are the top brand communications that people want to receive. Information into products and services is the third most desired message (50%), followed by sales and promotion emails (45%), and information on reward programs.

While Facebook remains the most popular channel, people in the Philippines are increasingly choosing online media, email, and TV advertising for their preferred engagement platforms.

“Being able to identify, understand, and respond to rapidly changing expectations is business critical during the pandemic, and long after it. The fact that preferences toward the message and the medium have changed and yet the importance of actions remains hugely important reveals brands cannot afford to stand still in how they engage consumers,” said Lisa Khatri, research and brand experience lead for Qualtrics in Asia Pacific and Japan.


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