Quick guide for newbie Dota 2 bettors


Dota 2 needs no introduction. It’s one of the highly popular games among eSports freaks. More specifically, it is massively popular among the betting freaks, as it churns out thousands of gaming options every month. Hordes of gaming enthusiasts are always excited about upcoming Dota 2 matches

Quick guide for beginner level bettors

In anticipation of upcoming Dota 2 matches, fans reach fever pitch when it comes to speculating about handy tips. The first thing that is advised for all Dota 2 players, especially the beginners, is to not get too confused about this aspect. It is important to understand that the Dota 2 betting process functions pretty much the same as other kinds of betting.

When it comes to Dota 2 betting, one gets multiple options. One may opt for betting upon winning a match for one or a couple of teams. Also, one may opt for betting on a game event. Irrespective of the case, when predictions made on Dota 2 come out to be right, it’s called a win. Upon winning, the profit earned is relative to the earned amount and the odds of the same assumption. 

For example, Team A is competing against Team B — where the odds range is 1.50-2.0 with A predicted to win and the wager amount is $10 upon the same. In this case, the profit expected is 60 percent of the concerned amount. It means the total amount one can earn is $14. However, when the same betting is made on Team B, the profit amount becomes $24. Dota 2 odds, in general, do come in three types, called American, decimal, and fractional.           

Omega League

Through Omega League, the incessant process of Dota 2 championships over the Web comes to an end. Here the Dota 2 fans were gifted with high-quality games at each mode. But, only a few within the community of Dota 2 were anxious about having no top-rank Dota 2 tournament as part of schedule post completion of Omega League. 

China Dota 2 Pro 

Imba TV has declared about opening the LAN tournament ever since things were abandoned due to the pandemic. Those looking forward to noteworthy upcoming Dota 2 matches should focus on this as the first season of China Dota 2 Pro comes up with a whopping prize amount of more than $80,000. It is naturally thus going to involve various high ranked teams in this tournament. 

It is expected that there will be 10 teams, including eight welcomed and a couple of them included through qualifiers as part of the tournament. The playoffs and the final stages of the tournament will happen anytime after 28th September post completion of the group games. Betters should keep their focus intact upon it. Interestingly, some audiences are going to be allowed at the playing zone when the matches go on.          


According to Dota 2 players, the tournament is one of the most prized tournaments. The tournament was scheduled to occur between 20-26th of September, involving a massive prize amount of 175k dollars for European domain. It was scheduled to occur between 29th and 8th October for the Chinese domains, involving a significant prize amount of $90,000. Betters should keep an eye on the upcoming Dota 2 matches of this tournament for their respective zones keeping the massive prize amount insight.       

JJB Esports League Asia

This is also going to be one of the highly exciting tournaments for the betters considering the massive prize amount it involves. Reportedly, this is going to involve a prize amount of $50,000. Moreover, here the teams of China, as well as SEA, can take part. It is here to note that nothing much regarding the tournament has been revealed, which means something will release very soon.    

Top Clans 2020

This tournament is going to be hosted by NetEase, involving a massive prize amount of $20,000. Reportedly, the tournament is going to witness 8 teams from SEA.  Apart from these, the betters should keep on tournaments like Funsport Championship

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