Tuesday, May 21, 2024

INFOGRAPHIC | The price of being a gamer in PH

How much money would Filipinos have to pay for a PS5 and Xbox Series X — game consoles of the latest generation? How different are the prices in various countries? And where in the world is being a gamer the cheapest?

Analysts from price comparison website Picodi.com looked into the prices of the latest video game consoles and subscriptions of the two most popular platforms to answer these questions.

For the comparison, Picodi.com chose 9th generation flagship consoles of two competing platforms: Sony Playstation 5 (Blu-ray disc drive) and Xbox Series X.

PlayStation fans in Ukraine have to cough up the most money with online stores selling the latest Sony console for as much as ₱66,600. On the other hand, the new Xbox is the most expensive in Argentina — ₱60,900.

The best price for both consoles can be found in Canada where the PlayStation 5 costs ₱23,200 and the Xbox Series X costs ₱22,100.

In the Philippines, as in many other countries, Xbox has a similar price to PlayStation. For the latest Sony and Xbox consoles, Filipino gamers would have to pay ₱28,000 and ₱24,000 respectively.

Slightly lower prices can be found in Singapore, where the PS5 and the Xbox Series X cost around ₱26,100 and ₱25,000.


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