Spanish laundry startup expanding business lines in PH in 2021

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With its Philippine franchisees doing well amidst the pandemic, Spain-headquartered laundry app Jeff said it is set to open new laundry hubs and expand new business lines in the country in 2021.

The startup offers solutions for entrepreneurs who can launch their own business after choosing from the brand’s range of business lines: home-delivered laundry and dry cleaning, beauty, fitness, and wellness services.

Jeff recently raised $21 million in a financing round from investors such as Alibaba, Dropbox, and Uber. The Series B funding was achieved during Covid and comes after raising $22 million in previous financing rounds.

The secured investment will be used to kickstart the launch of Jeff operations in the United States and the consolidation of its current markets and the development of its technological product for the entrepreneurs in the Jeff network including those in the Philippines.

“We are very optimistic about the Philippines, as it is one of the  markets that has recovered the fastest during the pandemic and is already presenting 17% more income than before Covid,” said Eloi Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Jeff.

As the current pandemic is expected to create a new wave of entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs in 2021, Jeff is positioning itself as the platform for entrepreneurs with the “business in a box” concept.

The startup noted that local entrepreneurs have embraced the digital phenomenon with more consumers engaging in e-commerce and online shopping platforms.

“Our solution fits all types of entrepreneurs: whether they want to own a business for self-employment reasons, or because they are looking for a profitable investment,” Gómez said.

Jeff said it has sold 80 Jeff laundry franchises in the Philippines to date, with its laundry hubs operating in Metro Manila and in Sta. Rosa Laguna.

As the startup features pick-up and delivery services through the use of an app, Jeff said it has gained a large number of new customers during Covid-19 who would normally go to DIY laundry shops. The percentage of its online orders is around 65 to 70 percent of the total.

“The Philippines was the first market we started operating in when we arrived in Asia and we want to continue to have a strong presence in a country that welcomes innovative business ideas so well. We believe that Jeff and our network of entrepreneurs will continue to grow in the Philippines,” said Gómez.

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