Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Radenta, US firm ink pact to offer data security for remote work setup

Data security is a growing concern among enterprise worldwide. Add the new realities brought about by remote working and you can fairly guess how complex and worrying the problem of data security has become.

California-based Pulse Secure in partnership with Filipino IT firm Radenta Technologies recently introduced Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) to answer the growing need to provide a secure environment for a flexible workplace.

PZTA is a comprehensive, multi-tenant, Zero Trust Secure Access service for enterprise of any size. It has a central ZTA Controller hosted by Pulse Secure.

The ZTA Gateway can be deployed closest to applications either on premises or on private or public clouds. This proximity optimizes user experience, reduces latency and enables hybrid IT deployment at scale. Since encrypted applications traffic only flows between ZTA Clients and ZTA Gateways, customers gain full data privacy and data sovereignty.

PZTA enables multiple users to access public, private and multi-cloud applications and data center resources from any location. It is cloud-based and provides easy, direct, and secure access. It works for organizations with pure cloud environment or those just migrating applications from data center to the cloud.

PZTA authenticates and authorizes user identity and device security posture for compliance before establishing a session. It uses a built-in User and Entity Behavior Analytics to continuously assess each session for risk and trust.

Proprietary risk scoring algorithms identifies non-compliant, malicious, and anomalous activity that provides administrators end-to-end visibility and expedited threat mitigation. As a cloud-native service, PTZA can be deployed in a matter of hours.

Michael Waring, vice president for security solutions for Asia Pacific and Japan at Ivanti, attests to the value of PZTA.

“Pulse Zero Trust Access exemplifies our on-going commitment to innovate while maximizing deployment flexibility, scale, interoperability and investment protection for companies of all sizes,” Waring said.

In detail, PTZA provides the following benefits:

  • Seamless anytime, anywhere, direct device-to-application trusted connectivity for users everywhere.
  • Automatic user and device authentication and authorization with posture checking for improved security compliance.
  • Continuous anomaly and malicious activity detection and risk scoring to reduce data leakage risks and enable rapid response.
  • Single pane-of-glass visibility and automated provisioning for simplified management.
  • Granular policies that govern application-specific access requirements, ensuring adaptive control and micro-segmentation.
  • Broad application support including HTTP, TCP/UDP-based applications, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and protected connectivity options.
  • Application and resource shielding prior to PZTA authorization, establishing a Dark Cloud defense to eliminate target visibility for attackers and malware.
  • Simple, scalable, cloud-native service with deployment flexibility and rapid implementation for improved operational efficiency.

In the Philippines, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or Republic Act 10173 stipulates that any company with at least 250 employees or who can access the data of at least 1,000 people are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will monitor the company’s data security, create and implement privacy policies and report breaches when they happen. PZTA is the perfect tool that will enable a DPO to accomplish this task.

To see if Pulse Zero Trust Access is the perfect choice for your needs, get in touch with Radenta Technologies via (02) 535-7801, 0919 077 4042, email, log in to or visit


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