Oracle now offers low-code Apex as standalone service

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Oracle recently made its Apex low-code application development platform available as a standalone Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service. Starting at $360 per month for more than 500 users, it will support unlimited applications and can scale with additional capacity requirements.

Oracle Apex Low Code Development Platform

As a managed cloud service, it enables organizations to build and deploy data-driven enterprise application at a faster pace, taking advantage of its straightforward and intuitive browser-based platform for creating modern Web and mobile apps. Previously, the Apex platform was bundled with the Oracle Database.

Market research and analysis firm Pique Solutions revealed in a study commissioned by Oracle that the low-code application development approach using Apex was 38 times faster than using a JavaScript framework approach.

The results also saw that with the Apex service, 20 times less code was required on average — the usual 3.5 days of application delivery time was reduced to only 44 minutes — and it also offered more enterprise capabilities for security, concurrency control, reporting, save as capability, and large dataset handling.

“Oracle continues to support developer communities and the new Apex service is the latest example, enabling citizen developers, business analysts, and professional developers to rapidly create and deploy beautiful, responsive, data-driven applications with minimal effort,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president for database server technologies at Oracle.

Mendelsohn added that the Apex platform is already powerful enough to build the vast majority of business applications. He believes that building data-driven applications with traditional coding should now be the exception rather than the rule.

On a more local context, Oracle Philippines country managing director Mina Lim says that even users who are not well-versed in coding and full-stack technologies can still develop an application with Oracle’s Apex. She believes that the service can is a good fit with independent software developers, enterprises, and even the academe.

The Apex Application Development service already brings in all elements needed for application building and deployment, and will not add extra fees per user, developer, application, or data ingress and egress. It starts at $360 monthly for one operator console processing unit and 1TB of data.

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