Converge ICT rolls out fiber offering that doubles speed during day time

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With the aim of giving “flexible” broadband solutions to local small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), fiber provider Converge ICT has launched Converge FlexiBIZ which offers a range of connectivity solutions designed to enable owners to take control of their Internet requirements.

“Converge ICT is aware of the operational struggles that small-and-medium enterprise owners face every day, as the pandemic continues. By developing Converge FlexiBIZ, our goal is to offer new products that allow SMEs to have the flexibility and option to choose how they will utilize their internet and maximize their valuable connectivity investments,” Converge ICT chief operating officer Jesus Romero said.

With Converge FlexiBIZ, SMEs can take advantage of a fiber connection that allows businesses to experience higher Internet speeds during a pre-set time of the day, depending on their chosen plan of FlexiBIZ Daytime or FlexiBIZ Peak.

  • With Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime, small and medium enterprises will experience double the bandwidth from 7:00AM-6:59PM, which is often the peak working hours within a regular business day. With a selection of plans to choose from, Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime is recommended for businesses with offices that mainly operate during the day.
  • With Converge FlexiBIZ Peak, SMEs are provided with a premium service that offers high speed connections of up to 300Mbps, no matter the time. Converge FlexiBIZ Peak is suited for businesses that need a fast and consistent Internet connection, whether work is done during the day or night.

“As we continue to face the uncertainty of the pandemic, Converge will keep on coming up with more solutions and innovations that are designed with the customer’s needs in mind. We will always try to help in supporting and uplifting small and medium Filipino businesses. We are all about better experiences, be it at home or in business,” Romero added.

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