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PODCAST | Spring Valley founder Jonathan De Luzuriaga asks Pinoys to support PH startups

The Covid-19 pandemic was a game-changer in the digital transformation space, acting as a springboard for technology adoption and boosting local tech startups in the country. For a massive scale incubation hub like Spring Valley, offering a place where innovators can create solutions and platforms in the new norm presents an opportunity for these startups to thrive and reach new heights.

Spring Valley founder Jonathan De Luzuriaga believes in the Filipino-made product, and knows that there is a major disconnect between what the current academe produces and what the industries today require. Decoding this dilemma is what led to the inception of Spring Valley, a diverse technology and innovation network where the country’s disruptors and visionaries come together and collaborate on the solutions of the future.

Jonathan De Luzuriaga Spring Valley In Between Podcast

Before heading the Philippine Software Industry Association as its president and founding Spring Valley, De Luzuriaga studied political science and government at De La Salle University. His first job was in contact center firm ePerformax where he was the operations manager for a year. He held the same position afterwards at Convergys for two years.

“I grew up in Manila, had a career in Manila, I got educated in Manila. My first job was in HR for Motorola,” he recounted.  

In 2007, De Luzuriaga held a senior management position for IT and telecommunications company IP Contact Center Outsourcing before becoming the executive director in industry affairs for the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) the following year. In his stint with BPAP, Luzuriaga was responsible for the industry development service line that handled client development and quality assurance initiatives, as well as events and membership services.

“I was doing some consultancy work for Acquire Asia Pacific for the Dodo Telecommunications account when the position of BPAP executive director opened up. I interviewed for the job without any idea what BPAP was,” he chuckled.

Eventually, he became the president Philippine Software Industry Association and currently leads the organization in driving the growth of the local IT industry, aiming to make the Philippines the preferred choice for software development services. A year into this appointment, Luzuriaga decided to set up Spring Valley Tech Corp in Panay Island.

“The process of product creation is a back-breaking wallet-busting exercise. For all the startups listening, be prepared. In as much as it’s a very fun and adventurous life to be your own boss, it’s also going to break your back and your bank account. Fortunately, through our real estate assets, the profits we make are used for our product development,” Luzuriaga explained.

Spring Valley was created to addresses the need to cultivate talents and intellectual property creation in the country. It basically aims to be a ‘melting pot’ of local technology experts and innovators, 20 hectares wide. Inside the township development is the Spring Valley Academy, Spring Valley Incubation and Training Center (SPR/IN.T), Spring Valley Advanced Research & Knowledge Center (SV ARK), SV Technopolis (ePerformax Center), and House of Geeks (SV HOG).


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