Shopee unveils ‘Shopee Thursdays’ with DTI to aid MSMEs thrive in e-commerce

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E-commerce firm Shopee has partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to offer in-depth discussions about online selling to support the growth of online businesses through “Shopee Thursdays”.

The masterclass sessions aim to equip existing and aspiring online entrepreneurs with the right tools and information on how to use data to operate effectively in the e-commerce space.  

E-commerce is considered a crucial part of the global retail framework. When the pandemic hit, its role became even more critical as physical businesses closed and people were encouraged to stay at home for safety reasons.

With the implementation of lockdown measures, more than 65 percent of business establishments had to close temporarily, and only 29 percent of enterprises remained open with limited operations. This led to people turning to online platforms to shop for their needs and entrepreneurs to shift to digital platforms to sustain their businesses

Martin Yu, director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee is excited to partner with the Department of Trade and Industry to equip MSMEs with proper knowledge and skills to thrive in the e-commerce space through Shopee Thursdays. As many entrepreneurs transition to online platforms like Shopee, it is important that they learn the basics of online selling and to maximize the e-commerce space to its full potential. We will continue to collaborate with DTI to support MSMEs in their e-commerce journey to success.”

Sellers can learn essential tips on how they can expand their businesses on Shopee in the upcoming sessions.

On June 17, entrepreneurs will understand and learn how to better manage shop operations, inventory, warehouse processes, and employees. On June 24, the masterclass session will focus on the potential of data and how entrepreneurs can use it to improve their shop’s performance.

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