Closed beta for play-to-earn blockchain game goes live

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Free-to-play mobile blockchain game KOGs: SLAM! has finally opened its closed beta phase a whole month before its global public release on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. During the closed beta, up to 5,000 participants will be competing for RFOX tokens and other prizes.


Developed by RFOX Games, a division of Southeast Asian blockchain venture builder RedFOX Labs founded in 2019, KOGs: SLAM! allows players to win in-game “KOINs” that can be exchanged for RFOX tokens – a virtual currency within the RFOX ecosystem, and KOGs (Keys to Other Games) – collectible, playable, tradeable, slammable, non-fungible tokens that also act as in-game currency. It also lets players unlock tournaments and skins, and provide VIP access to special events and virtual metaverses.

“Our mission is to create an ecosystem that utilizes emerging technologies for all users and offer a place for people to come together and make new friends. We believe emerging technologies can pave the way not only for better user experience but for new models as well,” said Fadzly Yusof, general manager of RFOX Games.

There are currently two gameplay options during closed beta: single and multiplayer. Similar to the 90s game around the collectible milk cap concept, players are given a “slammer” used to hit the stack of KOGs within 30 seconds. KOGs that land face-up goes to the active player while the rest return to the stack, with each KOG representing one point.

There are boss challenges awaiting in single mode where users play against Ben the Big Boss, Fadz the Hustler, Pete the Wild One, Chino my Homeboy, and Phil Highroller. Within three rounds, whoever wins the most KOGs is named the victor.

In multiplayer mode, players have the option to enter PvP formats in either 1v1 ranked matches, or in the free-for-all Arena with a minimum requirement of 250 KOGs.

Players can also accomplish daily missions with up to 100 KOINs in rewards, flex their stats on matches won and winning streaks, win up to 10,000 RFOX tokens by ranking on the top three spots on the leaderboard by the conclusion of the closed beta, and cash out via GCash after playing 250 matches.

“We sought to develop a game that can serve as a timely alternative to other games that have high barriers to entry, which have forced thousands of people to line up and wait for an account or resort to doing everything they can to land access,” Yusof added.

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