Japanese livestreaming app ’17Live’ rebrands, eyes PH market

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The operator of Asia’s livestreaming platform, 17Live, has initiated its global rebranding to unify its brand presence worldwide. The rebranding features a new mission, a revised logo, and guides on pronouncing the app’s name.

17Live Global CEO Hirofumi Ono

Hirofumi Ono, Global CEO of 17Live, made the announcement during the launch of its global rebrand “Empower human connections through live technology.”

The modern logo rebranding spells out the brand’s name in bold red lettering. As the brand’s name is pronounced differently depending on the country its operating in, it has designated its name as 17LIVE, which will be pronounced as “one seven live”.

With the target to be the leading live streaming app in the region, 17Live will be paying particular attention to the human connections in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Earlier this year, it expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines and has recorded a million downloads in SEA as of September.

The region presents a tempting target for growth because of its high population of Internet and social media users. The Digital 2020 Global Overview Report published by We are Social and Hootsuite indicated that Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines spend more time on the Internet than the worldwide average.

Besides Internet usage, 17Live zooming in on the Philippines due to its cultural similarities with the United States. The livestreaming app plans to build on the content and experience its gained with its established American audience as it pushes its expansion in the country.

The company added that many SE Asians dream of becoming social media influencers and aren’t afraid of displaying their talents online.

While many 17Live users specialize in music content, the app’s users are free to post anything they like as long as it abides with the company’s content policy. The live streams on the platform cover genres such as entertainment, beauty, lifestyle, art & DIY, and even cooking.

The 17Live is ready to assist budding content creators with the app’s livestreaming features. As a platform made specifically for livestreaming, the app prides itself on its distinct experience crafted specifically for livestreaming content creators and its unique range of audience interaction features.

Among its new features is the 17LIVE Group Call. This free feature had a timely release during the pandemic as it allows up to nine people to interact simultaneously on a single stream and communicate more easily through livestreams.

The app also introduced Skyeye to ensure an appropriate online environment. This feature refers to the AI-monitoring and machine-learning technologies the app created to prevent any illegal and inappropriate conduct on 17LIVE. In conjunction with these technologies, a backend team monitors the entire platform.

In terms of upcoming plans, 17Live seeks to capitalize on the enthusiastic live e-commerce market. They are exploring utilizing AR or VR technology to introduce 3D sales in the future.

“Moments exist only once that’s why you can enjoy them,” stated Ono. “Live streaming makes those kinds of everyday [moments] valuable and prices through live technology. You can express yourself just the way you are and connect with anyone. That’s the world we’re aiming for. That’s our new mission.”

17Live is available for download on IOS and Android. As of September this year, the app has reached 50 million registered users worldwide. Currently, it does not allow for cross platform live streaming with other social media applications.

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