Friday, May 31, 2024

This ex-Uber driver earned $1M in 2 years just playing NFT-based games

From previously working long, tiring shifts to earning over $1 million in less than two years, Pinoy gamer Kookoo Crypto is an inspiration to more than 15,000 individuals in a gaming guild he’s a community manager for.

“My story sounds too good to be true, but I want to share to fellow Pinoys how I was able to afford my dream house and how I retired my parents while at home in my sando through playing a video game that I love,” he said.

Kookoo Crypto was a college dropout, turned waiter, turned Uber Driver before becoming a multimillionaire. His fortune changed after reading an article on how Filipinos were earning during the pandemic from Axie Infinity. This encouraged him to download the game, learn how breed and increase the rank of his pets or “Axies”, and later sell them to other players for around $50 to $100 each.

In a partnership with Nas Academy Philippines, Kookoo Crypto is now able to teach anyone from curious investors, newbies, and NFT game enthusiasts who want to win more how they can earn serious money by understanding the strategies in the game.

Kookoo Crypto’s “Become an Axie Infinity Trainer” master class in Nas Academy Philippines includes video-on-demand lessons and Zoom sessions where he discusses the crypto ecosystem, the basics of Axie Infinity, how play-to-earn works, complex gameplay strategy, and other pro tips and tricks. He will also conduct a regular “ask me anything” session to ensure his students are up-to-date with the latest releases of the game.

According to Jacqueline Maye Lim, Nas Academy country head for the Philippines, Kookoo Crypto’s master class is just one of several crypto learning courses that aims to help Filipinos understand the crypto ecosystem to prepare them for the shift businesses investing more into the space. The online learning platform explains technical concepts in simple terms so Filipinos can learn about crypto without the intimidation that comes with the complexity of the cryptocurrency universe.

“According to CoinDesk research, there was around $20 billion additional investment from businesses from 2020 and 2021. As businesses invest more in crypto, Filipinos’ interest in the crypto ecosystem has increased exponentially especially with the rise of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity making it more accessible,” Lim said.

“Like any potentially lucrative investment, earning from crypto comes with risks but we see earning and job opportunities being created. Nas Academy’s crypto learning classes are designed to help ensure that Filipinos interested to venture into crypto are well-informed on how to maximize the benefits, minimize risks, and be prepared for opportunities arising.”


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