Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Radenta offers Microsoft Teams Essentials at half price until June 30

For the whole month of June, Radenta Technologies is offering Microsoft Teams Essential at a half price of only $2 from the regular price of $4 or its equivalent in Philippine peso, per user per month. This makes it the most affordable all-in-one solution in the market today.

Microsoft Teams Essentials is the first standalone offering with small business in mind. This new subscription makes the best of Teams available as an affordable standalone app.

It brings together features including unlimited group video calls for up to 30 hours per meeting, unlimited group chat, 10GB storage per user, file sharing and calendaring.

Microsoft Teams Essentials allows employees to meet, chat, and collaborate from anywhere. It supports one-on-one meetings, small groups or even up to 300 people. It comes with virtual backgrounds, screen sharing and recording.

Sharing files is easier with Microsoft Teams Essentials. Employees can work together in real time. File sharing can be done in the cloud thus minimizing emails. Anyone can create and co-author documents by using Office apps on the Web.

Microsoft Teams Essentials allows the use of 800 plus business apps integrated with the Teams experience. This eliminates the need to switch between apps. It also keeps existing email and calendar.

According to Michelle Lasam, Radenta’s Microsoft LOB Operations manager, “Microsoft Teams Essentials answers the usual questions of a small business owner.”

How can I improve meetings and collaborations given budget constraints? How can I streamline the use of applications for communication and collaboration? How can every employee have his own meetings account so he doesn’t have to share? Microsoft Teams Essentials takes care of all these concerns plus more, Lasam said.

Know more about Microsoft Teams Essentials Half Price Offer. Call 0919-085-8241, email info@radenta.com or log on to https://www.facebook.com/radentatechnologies.


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