Thursday, June 20, 2024

Radenta offers 50% off on Dugga Digital Assessment

Local tech firm Radenta Technologies is offering 50-percent discount on Dugga Digital Assessment, a digital test platform used to conduct digital tests, exams, home exams, digital lessons, assignments, and other types of knowledge assessment in education. The platform is tailor made for higher education, corporate education and the K12 space.

Interested schools can get a four-month trial period and those who sign up for the paid version within the first two months gets 50% discount on their first year plus free set-up cost. The promotion runs until the end of 2022. Those who wish to sign up can here.

Research has shown that 96 percent of teachers find student assessment stressful and the worst part of their job. Student assessment is time consuming with 70 percent of the teacher’s time spent on creating, conducting and administering exams. It leads to unequal opportunities.

About 1 out of 5 students have some form of special need and teachers tend to be biased when marking and grading. Present methods create unnecessary stress for the student during examination thus taking away the focus from learning.

Dugga takes all these in consideration with its full landscape of learning, assessment, and feedback. It has an intuitive state-of-the-art design, saves time and lowers stress by 95 percent, is secure with various security options, provides equal opportunities with built-in accessibility tools and is the best fit for hybrid and blended learning.

Dugga is best integrated in Microsoft Teams. The integration enables teachers to create all types of exams and assignment within Teams. This also allows teachers to schedule exams ahead of time, collaborate with colleagues, publish results and give valuable feedback to individual students or the entire class.

Data shows that the biggest benefit from using Dugga is the time a teacher saves while grading. From a sample of 4,000 students and 700 teachers in Sweden, each teacher saved five hours a week or 130 hours per year. This time saved can be spent on students.

Dugga is the only assessment platform borne out of scientific research in 2012 spearheaded by Dugga AB, a Swedish company. It was developed by experienced teachers, IT specialists and researchers in pedagogy, informatics, computer science and other relevant areas. It was officially launched at Standford University in California, USA in 2015. It is now being used in over 130 countries worldwide.

Dugga has been a partner with Microsoft since 2016 and was chosen as Microsoft 2020 Partner of the Year Winner in the Education Award category.

To learn more about Dugga and other learning solutions, get in touch with Radenta Technologies at ­­ 09985894398 or at


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