Monday, June 17, 2024

ZTE Philippines named ‘Telecom Vendor of the Year’

Telecom equipment maker ZTE Corporation has been conferred the “Telecom Vendor of the Year” Award by the Asia Leaders Awards in recognition of its contribution to the telecommunications industry in the Philippines.

ZTE Philippines president Wan Min (9th from left) and ZTE P3 project director and Men and Women Who Matter Awardee Jin Zhichao (7th from left) joins the rest of the Rising Tiger Awardees

Meanwhile, ZTE Philippines director of P3 program, Jin Zhichao, has been awarded by Asia Leaders Award as one of the “Men & Women Who Matters”.

Starting from the construction in 2019 for DITO Telecommunity in the Philippines, ZTE Philippines, with its innovative AMB management methodology, has been assisting DITO Telecommunity in passing the NTC Technical Audit and delivering large-scale commercial networks.

“ZTE brings the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies to the Philippines, allowing everyone to experience the convenience of technology through the 4G/5G network and laying a foundation for digital transformation in the Philippines,” said Jin Zhichao.

Relying on ZTE’s strong R&D strength and technological innovation capabilities, ZTE Philippines provides local enterprises, operators, and other partners with various integrated telecommunication solutions, including wireless network products, optical network products, data center products, in-building network products, energy products, and billing systems.

ZTE said it will further its market development in the Philippines by strengthening cooperation with major operators to jointly enhance high-speed network connectivity, and accelerate further the digital transformation of the Philippines.


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