Monday, June 17, 2024

PLDT aims for better customer support with new online portal

Telecommunications giant PLDT recently announced the launch of its PLDT Home Support Page as an alternative to its usual hotline, in-person, and social media customer service channels.

Photo from PLDT

The portal is designed to facilitate bill inquiries, aftersales support, complaints, and service issue reports via a self-service interface. Users will also receive confirmation and update emails on their concerns.

“Through this new self-service channel, we hope to provide our customers with faster, easier, and more convenient ways to get help for their concerns without having to call the hotline or wait in line in our physical stores. This is part of our commitment to elevate the quality of service that we deliver to our customers through technology and innovation. This is an assurance to our customers that we are here to help,” said PLDT FVP and customer experience group head Jeanine Rubin.


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