Monday, June 17, 2024

BPO firm Optum opens new headquarters in Makati

BPO firm Optum Global Solutions marked the first of a new set of milestones with the unveiling of its new headquarters at the heart of the central business district, Makati City.

The healthcare services innovation company has been operating with four offices around the country since 2011. Since then, the company has maintained steady growth with over 21,000 employees to date.

Ivic Mueco, managing director of Optum Philippines, said the new office is set to provide the company’s fast-growing workforce with a space perfect for cultivating their life’s best work.

“We know that Filipinos have a lot of potential. We at Optum would like to make the most out of this and encourage career growth by continuing to upskill Filipino health workers and providing our employees with a bigger and better space to expand their knowledge and nurture their talents,” shared Mueco.

“This way, we are able to provide the best care for our clients while opening up more growth opportunities for our employees,” she added.

Present at the inauguration were UnitedHealth Group president and COO Dirk McMahon and Department of Trade and Industry undersecretary Dr. Rafaelita Aldaba, who shared a message of support for Optum.

“We at DTI share the same belief that the people should be at the center of everything we do and all of our plans. We are happy to be working with Optum and look forward to strengthening this partnership to further the industry and continue to upskill Filipino workers,” said Aldaba.

The design of the new office shines a light on the care and compassion the company extends not just to its members, but to the employees as well.

Mueco said at the inauguration how the site was chosen specifically with the employees in mind, at a location that is accessible and designed to cater to the needs of the hundreds of employees that go in and out of the office daily.

The new office features a wellness area where employees can destress and relax in between work, complete with full-body massage chairs.

It also features a karaoke room, nursing rooms, and breakout areas and coworking spaces that encourage teamwork and collaboration.

With its new headquarters, Optum will also be opening its doors to new recruits, with the Makati site launch kickstarting more branch expansions across the country.

The company said it hopes to welcome new talent over the coming months to reach more members who would benefit from the quality service Optum provides.

“We look forward to what’s in store for us in the next decade. The new space is just the beginning of more sites being opened to accommodate our growing team,” said Mueco.

“We are also looking to host a major international healthcare conference next year, more skills-building programs, and of course, more work to provide support for our partner academic institutions, hospitals, and NGOs,” she concluded.


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